dan acher

Aurora Borealis technology

Dan shifts our emotional experience of urban spaces by transforming familiar landmarks.

Borealis brings the magical mystery of the Northern Lights to any city, using layers of light and particle clouds to create the illusion. Throughout the ages, we have attributed countless legends to the celestial phenomenon. Today this immersive installation inspires awe by creating something that shouldn’t by all accounts be there and that is way bigger than any one of us. As we witness new and unusual natural phenomena, questions are raised: Will we soon seek to control every aspect of our environment and artificially recreate all that we need from nature – aesthetically, emotionally, or in terms of natural resources?

© David Solm Novatech
© Mihai Toth

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Dan Acher (CH)

Dan Acher is an international artivist based in Geneva. He imagines art installations and participatory situations that shake up our routines and create the extra-ordinary in our urban imaginations.

At the center of his work is art as a generator of social change; his installations transform our vision of the city and of living together.

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