Victoire Thierrée

Video installation

CHRONIQUES Production 2018

This video immerses us in a quite unknown world: the French nuclear military base of Saint-Dizier.

The base’s air surveillance and protection rely on the birds trained by the army. The artist thus tries to show us how men can’t do without nature to control their own technological creations.

Birds of Prey, Victoire Thierrée, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018

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Victoire Thierrée (FRA)

Victoire Thierrée’s works enable the audience to uncover a universe which is typically concealed from them. A graduate of the Paris School of Fine Arts in 2014, the artist explores the armed forces and employs raw materials such as technical ceramics and optical apparatus, camouflage fabrics and surfacing unobtainable by civilians.


This artwork is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.

Produced by Jonas Films
Director Victoire Thierrée
Producer Elsa Klughertz (Jonas Films)
Production Assistant Fanny Béguély
Director of Photography Augustin Barbaroux
Sound Engineer Mathieu Rathelot
Sound editor and mixer Amaury Arboun