Video installation

CHRONIQUES Production 2018

The work presented by Victoire Thierrée immerses us in the French nuclear military base of Saint-Dizier.

The video shows an unknown, often secret world. ‘Birds of Prey’ revolves around the story of a fighter pilot, Michael J., who had a serious collision with a bird during his first mission in an outdoor operation. It tells of the chaos, the flesh and blood seeping into his cockpit,the loss of control of the aircraft at 800 km / h. The story of the fighter jet pilot is the backbone of this video, and contrasts with the soft, organic images of the military base. It points to the violence linked with the technological acceleration of our world.
Levitation resonates politically and physically in this video installation. The double meaning of the title of the work is an indication: ‘Birds of Prey’ refers to both the hunting bird and the combat drone. This flight over the military base is the prism by which the artist wishes to show how humans cannot do without Nature in controlling their own technological creations. The artist puts forward the absurdity of a will to control that always ends up turning against itself.

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Victoire Thierrée (FRA)

Victoire Thierrée explores the domain of the military and uses components such as technical ceramics and vision equipment, and camouflage fabrics and coatings which are not accessible to civilians as raw materials. Incorporating closed communities, the artist develops infiltration as an artistic practice and the works that result from it have a double status: they make visible and give an account.They bear witness to the artist’s investment,her long journeys and patient hours, and allow the spectator to discover a universe that is usually not open to them.


This artwork is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.
Production : Jonas Films
Distribution : Théâtre National du Liberté – Toulon,Visions du Réel – Nyon