Automatique War

Alain Josseau

Video and computer installation

Production CHRONIQUES 2018

Automatique War is a science fiction installation on the widespread robotisation and imaging of our contemporary wars, in a dark space made up of 3 zones.

In the first zone are seven models of cities, villages and landscapes in motion. Videos of aerial bombardments are projected on all the models. These bombings are filmed and projected directly onto a multi-image screen in the third area, in the style of a TV split-screen.

This screen is then filmed, and the video is integrated into a fake news report,which forms the third zone.Everything happens instantly, in real time. These three areas are an open critique of the automatisation of war, in which the human being no longer has a place.The surveillance tech- nology and lethal weaponry of drones and high-altitude aircraft render men and women in warzones invisible.
The work presents us a world without humans where machines continue to wage war for a TV news channel without spectators, whose journalists are also synthetic machines… War, like the three zones of the installation, operates in a closed circuit.

Practical information


09 nov. – 15 déc. 2018

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Alain Josseau (FRA)

Born in Nantes in 1968, Alain Josseau lives and works in Toulouse. His art is concerned with reflection on the status of the contemporary image: war images, blurred, in infrared vision, as they are often shown in the media, or from above, drone’s-eye view. His works are in numerous public (FNAC, FRAC, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Ville de Lyon…) and private collections (Fondation Fran- cès,Photologie à Milan…).In 2013,he won the Collectors’ Prize at the Slick Art Fair Paris.He is represented by Galerie Claire Gastaud in Clermont-Ferrand.


This artwork is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.
Distribution : Théâtre National du Liberté – Toulon