Automatique War

Alain Josseau

Video and computer installation

Production CHRONIQUES 2018

Automatique War is a science-fiction installation on the general automation and filming of our contemporary wars.

It presents us with a humanless world where machines continue to fight for a TV news bulletin with no audience and in which journalists are also machines…

Automatique war, Alain Josseau, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018

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Alain Josseau (FRA)

Born in Nantes in 1968, Alain Josseau lives and works in Toulouse. For around a decade, he has worked on the theme of modern warfare and the imagery thereof, particularly the surveillance and bombardments carried out by drones in conflict zones. His installations are a reflection on modern warfare, its coverage in the media, and what both simulation and simulacrum in this context put at stake.


Assistant directors Guilhem de Gramont and Loic Bollati

Work produced within the framework of the Chroniques production platform, supported by the Région Sud, coordinated by Seconde Nature and ZINC.