As we continue


Passive interactive installation

As We Continue is a passively interactive installation. A machine coldly executes the action for which it has been programmed: to know, and remember over time, whether it is being watched or not. It is actually a very simple device.

The piece is made of two mechanical timers mounted one above the other. One of them works as soon as someone looks at the work, while the other is triggered when no one looks at it. As We Continue is a waiting game. It is an ongoing step in my exploration of technology and time. As We Continue shaping them, as they continue changing us.

© Ernest Thiesmeier
© Ernest Thiesmeier

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Pierre Coric (BE)

Pierre Coric’s body of work is a weaving of different technical and technological practices. Navigation, computer programming and the making of textile objects are the components of ephemeral installations and performances which, by revealing an offbeat kind of normal, make us rethink our perceptions of the world.

Crédits & mentions

Une coproduction Werktank (Leuven) et Recto-Verso (Québec)