Immersive installation

Agora(s) is a generative and immersive sound and visual installation created by visual artist Nicolas Clauss. Here, it has been adapted to the iMMERSIVE 360 massive screen.

Piecing together over 250 three-second-long sequences filmed in public on 12 sites across the world, the piece explores the plastic relationship between individual bodies and the masses they create by making this relationship “choreographic,” as part of research into the movement, repetition and expansion of filmic time.

The film sequences that make up the installation are played in sequence with a generative and semi-random score. The work, which explores and deconstructs film duration, is neither fixed nor linear; it fans out infinitely to unrelentingly renew itself. Agora(s) looks into the anonymous individuals brought together in the public space, forming groups of circumstances, amalgamated by chance at the same time and place. 

Agora(s) © Nicolas Clauss

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Nicolas Clauss (FRA)

Nicolas Clauss put down the brush in 2000 to focus on using video and programming. His installations and paintings are of a new genre; they are evolving works, not fixed, in constant “rewriting”. The video artist’s approach never ceases to question, through a kind of visual and choreographic anthropology, the human figure and human reality by inventing other ways of exploring the moving image.

Crédits & mentions

Design and production: Nicolas Clauss
Multimedia support : NAO<=a(TNK)
Coproduction : Les Quinconces l’Espal national scene of Le Mans, ActoralSECONDE NATURE

With the support of Montevidéo, center of contemporary creations

In partnership with the Institut Français de HanoïInstitut Français Chine, l‘Alliance Française de Bangalore, Institut Français de Bogota, l’Institut Français de Barcelone, l’Institut Français de République de Corée and Air France. 
With the complicity of the French Institute of New York, the ZINCInstants vidéo and the Alliance Française de Trivandrum
Hanks to Jean-Jacques Birgé for the cello pizzicati.

Production : Hexalab.
Coproduction : Chroniques.

With the support of the city of Aix-en-Provence within the framework of the 5th season, Biennale of art and culture 2022.