7 mesures par seconde

n + n Corsino

Choreographic Navigations

Faced with a single subject of attention or several stimuli, the eye moves from one to the other by a cut of 7 focuses per second to give a continuous representation of the perception.

18 beats per second on the skin is the number at which you feel constant pressure. 24 frames per second is cinema.

Image and movement are the keystone of the creations of n + n Corsino, choreographers and creators of new images. Refining the abilities of our senses, extending the field of our perceptions by exploring the possibilities offered by virtual reality and artificial intelligence, playing with the infinitesimal and the vertigo of augmented reality, this is the challenge of the cine-choreographic works presented as part of the next Biennial of Digital Imaginations in Marseille.

The world, in its intimate structure, is deeply discontinuous and the solutions of continuity give a good reading of it thanks to the functional pleasure developed by our senses. 

© N+N Corsino

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N + N Corsino (FR)

Crédits & mentions

A proposal by SCENE 44 n+n Corsino, in coproduction with Chroniques and la Friche Belle de mai.