I will sleep when I’m dead

Jeanne Susplugas


Production CHRONIQUES 2020

I will sleep when I’m dead is a dive into the brain, a navigation by sight amongst neurons and synapses.

The visitor gets lost in an infinite maze and crosses paths with «thoughts» materialized by drawings looking like pictograms. An intimate head to head, closely psychoanalytical, that introduces to an intense and a unique experience. An artistic project including scientific dimensions.

« I will sleep when I’m dead » several words borrowed from Bon Jovi reveal a lot about her work, about the brain and our thoughts that are so difficult to tame. Submerged in the brain, tortuous, sometimes foggy, the audience will have to follow, at their convenience several journeys related to their thoughts. 

According to a bundle of «narratives», everyone will be free to experience their own mental journey. This mapping of «universal» thoughts goes from everyday thoughts to deep, sometimes pervasive thoughts that make us evolve when they don’t prevent us from moving forward or falling asleep, I will sleep when I’m dead.

© Gregoire EDOUARD
© Jeanne Susplugas

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Jeanne Susplugas (FRA)

Committed, Jeanne Susplugas’ approach takes on all forms and all strategies of confinement. She pursues questioning the relationships between the individual and itself as well as with the others, while facing an obsessive and dysfunctional world. She explores different mediums – drawings, photographs, installations, sculpture, sounds, films – as many languages that enrich one to another to create a singular aesthetic, attractive in appearance, moreover quickly disturbing and creaky. A multifaceted, transversal work, very coherent and precise that places the viewer in front of contradictory sensations – troubled and reassured, worried and serene. Her work has been widely shown in France and abroad.

Mentions & Credits

Executive producer: Julie Miguirditchian

In co-production with the CHRONIQUES platform, supported by the Regional Council of the South Region, the city of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris, coordinated by SECONDE NATURE and ZINC.

Supported by the bourse Orange XR and the Association Beaumarchais – SACD.

Music: Vincent Lagadrillière.

Co-producers :