Inside Digital Art Club – Memories from the Pre-Pandemic World. Patrons Gather for CHRONIQUES

On Thursday, December 10th, the members of the Digital Art Club and their guests explored eternity at the Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille, where they visited ÉTERNITÉ PART II : Que voulons-nous faire pousser sur les ruines ?

The gathering, which complied with all safety measures, was nonetheless spontaneous and even had a few nice surprises in store.

After a difficult year, the members finally had a chance to get together to visit the exhibitions, which were sadly not open to the general public. The businesses who are members of the Club were particularly eager to visit CHRONIQUES.

Mathieu Vabre, the Biennale’s artistic director, gave a guided tour of the exhibition. The digital artworks on display outline new possibilities for the post-pandemic world. Artists can inspire business leaders and their partners, through the latest social and aesthetic transformations.

“Every time I come, I am energized and I feel the need to get things done and get involved.” Céline Gaudilliere –

Afterwards, the Club was given a presentation of the Digital Art Club’s aims for 2021 by its coordinator Fabien Fabre.
2021 goals include:
– a wider impact in the Aix-Marseille area
– accessibility to digital art for all

This was symbolised by the first business world prize for digital art in public space, the Digital Art Club Crush. It was awarded to Guillaume Marmin for his work Passengers.

Via FaceTime, the audience interacted with the artist, who was immersed in his stellar work near the Villefranche hospital, where it offers a dreamlike escape from the health crisis to patients and staff alike.

We offer business leaders and their employees a breath of fresh air and digital inspiration, while supporting access to art and digital creativity for the general public. The Club has a positive impact, particularly in the current context.” – Fabien Fabre – Digital Art Club Coordinator.

This event sets the tone for the Club’s future, which aims to expand and increase its socio-educational projects in the region.

Published on 10th of December 2020