From “Technology Island” to “Culture and Technology Island”


Taiwan is known as a hi-tech hub, with its semiconductor, precision machinery, and communications industries having undergone continuous upgrading during the past decades, imperceptibly and indirectly changing the lifestyles and cultural identity of the Taiwanese people.

Under the intersubjectivity of technology and culture, the development of Taiwan’s technology arts has been an experimental journey of technology and culture, with shifts evidenced by the many trajectories of Taiwan’s new media arts. These trajectories have not only been generated through artists’ depictions of daily life experiences, but also through new media arts methods and integration of contemporary social and cultural issues.

In 2018, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) was established as a pioneering cultural venture through the collaboration of the ministries of Culture, Science & Technology, and Economic Affairs. It integrates platforms for contemporary art, social innovation, and future media to assemble a contemporary creative culture and implement experiments and practices for the building of a social and cultural vision. C-LAB is rethinking the blending of and collaborations in technology, art, and society as a national strategy and linking innovative experimental organizations in Taiwan and abroad.

Taiwan was named the CHRONIQUES Biennale guest of honor with C-LAB serving as curator. With 11 outstanding new media artists, a team representative of Taiwan’s technology-based arts has been formed to present Taiwan’s rich culture and abundant technical know-how through exhibitions, performances, and film screenings, transforming Taiwan’s image as a “technology island” into that of a cultural soft power and “culture and technology island”. In Provence, southern France, technological and cultural exchanges will take place, actively pushing the boundaries of technology and new media arts.

As the world enters the post-pandemic era, Taiwan will continue to contribute its artistic, technological, and cultural capacities, to drive culture and innovation and to keep moving forward!

C-Lab’s team, Taïwan