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Taotie is an automated installation project – a machine producing moving images by projecting shadows. The project draws its influences from pre-cinema, notably 18th century phantasmagoria, of which it is a contemporary and technological reinterpretation.

Taotie is an immersive and continuous performance that questions the social and environmental implications of a new paradigm by delving into the bowels of the ┬źDark Factory┬╗, an automated factory in which natural and artificial light is superfluous, as no one works there.

The night has always been the space-time of rest and sleep, but this model seems to be disrup- ted today. The instant connectivity of the world, the decentralisation of the economy, the speed of distribution and delivery centers, the adoption of teleworking are pushing towards a fragmentation of activity time, a desynchronisation of the body with society and with what it produces.