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Jesús Tamez-Duque


Who has not dreamt of exploring his creative spirit With « Máquina cerebral 4 », Jesús Tamez-Duque proposes an original interactive installation which immerses visitors into an exploration of their reactions to the abstract paintings of Anne-Marie Renan, whose intense work on gesture and color represent an ideal device.

Equipped with an EEG headset which measures brain activity, they become « interacteurs » as they step in and observe the works. Neural reactions are analyzed in real time and translated into waves of light and sound creating a new and ephemeral artistic piece around them.

The artist then follows up with a taste of the creative process leading up to « Máquina cerebral 4 » by involving the « interacteurs » in a new experience. Here, neural reactions are recorded in relation to preparatory works by Anne-Marie Renan, in order to determine the presence or absence of identifiable unconscious effects created by composition, pressure, and date of each exercise. These types of studies constitute the cornerstone of all installations by Jesús Tamez-Duque.

A NeuroMarseille and Arts Vivants production.
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Practical Information


From 14th to 17th jan. 2021 (from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.)



Atelier Anne-Marie Renan, Aix-en-Provence


Near the Courthouse

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Jesús Tamez-Duque (MEX)

Jesús Tamez-Duque is an Interdisciplinary Artist + Tech. Developer based at Aix-Marseille (France) and currently developing installations and projects within the EU, China and México.

Exhibiting first in México, his early museum-based installations integrated neuroscience to explore unconscious connections to art pieces, immortalizing and sharing aesthetic responses to pleasing interactions. Pieces quickly thereafter increased in complexity, interactivity and deeper integration of scientific concepts + tools.

His work is based on the principles that sciences are types of art, that new technologies are to be treated as evolutions of artistic media, that the century 21.2 calls for art which is lived and not simply witnessed, and that art is ultimately created by the audience or « interacteurs »; the three main points of what he calls « Art du papier ».

Credits & mentions

Media and technique : Máquina cerebral 4. ~80m of 12V + 20Amp DC LEDs over MDF panels + Emotiv Epoch+ MoBI on Touch Designer.

Intellectual Collaborators:
Fernando Martínez-García (back-end algorithm integration).
Memo Santos (front-end software integration).

Partners: Production – INDI Ingénierie et Design. Co-production – Arts Vivants Aix, NeuroSchool Aix-Marseille. With the support of EMOTIV and Atelier Anne-Marie Renan.