etienne rey

Immersive installation

Fluide explores the French garden and its relationship between nature and culture.

The installation In Situ takes as a starting point the text Végétation by Francis Ponge, as a significant element of the earth / sky link. The work evokes a perfectly deformable material environment. Composed of thousands of segmental modules, it draws structures and creates connections between the vegetation and the vacant space, like invisible links revealed.

© Etienne Rey

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Etienne Rey

Etienne Rey’s work explores the very notion of space. The challenge is to produce a shift in perception. The question of the place and the environment, of the in situ and the architecture participate in the discovery of spatial structures. The work is perceptual, it is approached without any particular knowledge, in a search for universality. Each of his installations explores a phenomenological experience, and unfolds spaces, sometimes unstable, where everything evolves permanently according to the position of the observer, his point of view, his movements.

Crédits & mentions

Installation In Situ, 2022, programmed and produced by Arts Vivants Aix