Jacques Perconte, monographie


Infos pratiques


Until Dec 15, 2020, accessible 24 hours a day


Digitale Zone, 11 avenue de Mazargues, Marseille


Métro Rond-Point du Prado


The exhibition presents a five-film retrospective of Jacques Perconte’s work as well as a creation especially designed for the occasion: “Valle di Bucatoggio” (2020, 29’49).

Go up and down the valley endlessly without ever touching the ground. Be carried away by the movement of the machine which, without faltering for a fraction of a second, operates perfectly vertically to the hillsides to pursue its description. Feel each vibration of the branches and the leaves, recognize the natural disarray of a midge’s flight and the poetry of that of butterflies.

Head in the stars, feet on the ground, the body swings. Eyes fixed on the Milky Way, the valley wind blows the full-bodied scents of a thousand plants that you cannot smell without being there. Even if the wilderness seems to disappear in appearance, it still resists the images. And it is perhaps this impossibility that brings lightness into our hearts.

Jacques Perconte is a French artist living in Rotterdam, he has been a major figure in the digital art scene since the end of the 90s, he describes himself as a visual artist. His work focuses on the landscape, ranging from linear films for cinema and generative films for exhibitions to audiovisual performances, photography and installations, and consists in recapturing nature, focusing on the cultural and technical relationships we build with it.

Production: With the support of the Mercure Center Prado Hotel and the South Region.

Exhibition in association with CHRONIQUES, Biennale of Digital Imagination.