Géométrie spatiale

ARTEUM mac, chateauneuf-le-rouge


An in-situ creation by the artistic entity A.I.L.O, offering an immersive experience where the light beam takes the form of a drawing in a space in perpetual motion.

Tulle replaces paper, making it possible to print the light projection as it passes, and the ARTEUM exhibition space was the first source of inspiration for A.I.L.O. (Art Immersive Luminous and Obscure created by Anna-Eva Berge, accompanied by Fabrice Leroux and Grégoire Lauvin). Through its different spaces, ARTEUM allows a labyrinthine vision of the installation which further questions our perception.

Forcing the light to radiate even more, touching it, feeling it, are at the heart of A.I.L.O.’s project.  The vibrating sound work tries to make the intangible tangible, in this desire to unite the work, the place and the viewer.

As part of the Season of Drawing – Pareidolia.