Conference of trees



In his latest musical experiment “Conference of Trees” Hendrik Weber aka Pantha Du Prince translates the communication of trees into an impressive sound journey.

What does it sound like when trees communicate? This is the question the German composer, electronic music producer and conceptual artist Pantha Du Prince attempts to answer in his latest album. The depths of his exploration into this mysterious language clearly visible by the various routes he takes into uncovering it; which spans the scientific studies of forest ecology professor Suzanne Simard, to Erwin Thoma’s ‘The Secret Language of Trees’, to the mystical meanderings of the 12th century Sufi, Farīd-al-dīn Attar. 

The instruments Pantha du Prince uses on “Conference of Trees” are the tools for his exploration; partly handmade by the artist himself, who wanted to explore the sound characteristics of different woods through intensive studies of the material. He is supported by a percussion ensemble consisting of Håkon Stene and Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg, who already participated in his last ensemble project The Bell Laboratory, and Manuel Chittka, drummer of the German artist Jungstötter. Jazz musician Friedrich Paravicini also participated in the arrangements. 

For an artist who was mainly producing electronic music up to this point, working with wood instruments also meant a shift in day-to-day habits, “Spending so much time in front of the computer and working with electronic machines started feeling a bit bleak to me,” explains Pantha Du Prince, “I wanted to find a way to spend more time outdoors and to legitimize it with art.”

This event is supported by the urban community program Lecture par Nature 2020.

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16 jan. 2021



© Stephan Abry

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Pantha du Prince (GER)

Pantha Du Prince is a producer, composer and conceptual artist hailing from Bad Wildungen, West Germany born in 1975. Since his debut in 2005 he has released four albums and become as well known for his art exhibitions as he is for his pioneering work in minimal techno.

His mastery of the avant-garde even extends to the conceptual art exhibitions he’s been featured in since 2004 and he remains an influential name in the world’s techno scene to this day, able to work with the likes of Animal Collective, LCD Soundsystem and !!! on the same album to name but a few. After over a decade in the business, he’s still innovating and inspiring, for that, he comes highly recommended.