For several years now, SECONDE NATURE and ZINC, both now under the banner of CHRONIQUES, acting as digital imagination incubators, have fostered and promoted contemporary creation, advancing the understanding of the world in the digital age, and helping everyone appropriate technologies to develop their own creativity and emancipation.

To do so, CHRONIQUES run several cultural activities in line with the current programme. The activities are held all year round at MEDIALAB at La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille but also at our partner establishments when there are events on (the Biennale, exhibitions, concerts, etc.).

16 and over

Fascinated by digital art and culture? Do you want to learn more about virtual reality, video, electronics, video game design, and digital manufacturing…?

You’re in luck! CHRONIQUES hosts a weekly discovery programme.


Are you a parent looking for something fun to do as a family?

CHRONIQUES offers a whole range of activities suitable for families with kids 6 years and above. Come and discover the unique and wonderful world of digital art, culture and practices.


For teachers, CHRONIQUES organises UNE RENTRÉE NUMÉRIQUE, or A NEW DIGITAL SCHOOL YEAR, an annual teaching event tying together a training course, guided tours and practical workshops.

Social outreach

Are you looking for a cultural activity in connection to digital technologies for users of a social support structure? CHRONIQUES offers access to digital art, culture and practices to everyone.

Cultural centers

Are you looking for original activities combining digital technologies and culture to offer visitors to a third place, a media library, a cultural centre or a museum?

CHRONIQUES supports the set-up and implementation of artistic and cultural activities that question the world in the digital age: workshops, talks, artistic and cultural education projects, exhibitions and events.

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