Produce less, produce better, produce sustainably

After having recently explored the concept of eternity and navigated between collapsology and transhumanism, the questioning of possible futures has always been at the center of our concerns. At a time when a virus has set the record straight about our place in nature, we feel it is important for our sector to take into consideration the consequences that the production and distribution of works have on the planet.

We know that the Chroniques Biennale, as a digital arts event, is very energy-intensive due to the significant electricity consumption of the projects we support. We don’t think that this is inevitable and we sincerely believe that artists and cultural operators are aware of this and want to engage in a more sustainable development.

The specificity of digital arts, by the use and the questioning of new technologies, brings us to be all the more vigilant on the environmental crisis. Technologies are not neutral and have a profound impact on our ecosystems, and we believe that artists are the most appropriate to explore these themes in their reflections and practices.

Concerned about these issues, we will pay particular attention to ecoresponsible projects in the selection of artworks that we will accompany in production. While this will not be an exclusive condition, it will in any case be a major asset that we will focus on in our selection.

Ecoresponsibility can be found in various forms in the production and distribution of digital artworks. We think that it is important to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in projects, to rely on local actors for raw materials or to have a distribution plan that allows the artworks to have a longer life cycle with more environmentally friendly travel logics.

It is difficult to express all our thoughts on the subject and we are not alone in thinking and acting on these issues, so we also refer you to the very good conference work of our partners Maintenant, Scopitone, Oblique/s and Electroni[k].